Keil ARM Installation

We talked about development suites in the post Introduction to Microcontroller Programming Development. Then today, I will show you more detail about one of these development suites – Keil ARM

1. Keil ARM installation

Lets follow below steps to install Keil ARM first. Then with installed software, our next development steps will be more visually.

  • Choose MDK-Arm
  • Fill your own information to stat download installation file
  • After filled up information and submit, you can now download the .exe file to install MDK-ARM
  • Download the file like other normal window application
  • Note that this version is MDK-Lite Edition, which free but has a lot of limitation. However it is enough for starting time and projects are small.
  • If you want full version of MDK-ARM, you can google how to add licence MDK-ARM and keil-mdk-arm-version-5-keygen-generator
  • After the installation is finished you can see our application in start bar
  • Start the application and we will move to next step.

2. Software Packet Download

We installed IDE, but it is just the first step. Now the software package need to be download to support our development corresponding to chip and board family.

  • Open Keil ARM software and choose Pack Installer
  • When Pack Installer window is popped up, you can choose the devices on left column and it corresponding packet on right column. I choose STM32F411VETx here because this is the devices we will work with.
  • Make sure at least the yellow and green action is chosen, because they are the essential thing in our development step. You can see it is downloading on bottom right corner.
    • ARM::CMSIS
    • ARM::CMSIS-Driver
    • ARM:: CMSIS-FreeRTOS
    • Keil::ARM_Compiler
    • Keil::MDK-Middleware
    • Micrium::RTOS
  • Don’t worry if you missed any packet, we can comeback this step later.

3. STLink driver

We will use STLink built in discovery board to program image to board. Then we have to install window driver to make it works.

Follow instruction in this link help you to install it:

Now we finished essential installation.

See you at the post about Keil ARM usage with GPIO LED project.

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