STM32CubeF4 Architecture Overview

ST provides STM32CubeF4 MCU packet run on STM32 microcontrollers based on the Arm Cortex-M4 processor. Let review it to understand its very nice benefit with me.

1. Why STM32CubeF4?

STM32CubeF4 gathers together, in a single packet, all the generic embedded software components required to develop an application on STM32F4 microcontrollers.


Bellow are the partition of this packet:

  • Low-layer (LL) and hardware abstraction layer (HAL) APIs that cover the microcontroller hardware.
  • A set of middleware components with the corresponding examples
    • Full USB host and device stack
    • Graphics
    • CMSIS-RTOS implementation with FreeRTOS opensource solution
    • FAT file system based on open source FatFS solution
    • TCP/IP stack based on open source LwIP solution
    • SSL/TLS secure layer based on open source mbedTLS
  • Example and Demonstration of all these layer.

STM32F411xE chip inside STM32F411E Discovery board is also supported by this packet. Use it as a tutorial documents and we can understand almost everything inside a STM32F411xE chip easily.

2. STM32CubeF4 Architecture


You can easily see the organization of partitions inside this packet on above image. We can use the packet in other implementation to understand it in detail.

3. How to get STM32F4Cube?

  • Access download link from ST:

  • Scroll down and click Get Software:
  • Accept License term
  • Add your information into blank space
  • Verify information in your email
  • Now Get Software button is changed to Download button, press it and you can download the packet

Now you got size 690MB which is STM32CubeF4 packet.

4. Packet organization

Open the downloaded packet and you can see folders:

  • Document: the documents about this packet
  • Driver: BSP, HAL, CMSIS code
  • Middlewares: ST and third party middlewares about Audio, USB, Graphic, RTOS, LwIP, …
  • Projects: all examples and demonstration of all STM32F4 board
  • Utilities: provide features for example and demonstration as audio files, image, server pc app, …

5. What should we do next?

Now you know the reason I choose this packet for our works.

In next further posts, I will so you how to use this packet to implement and understand STM32F411VET microcontroller features one by one. I believe it will make our process become faster.

See you soon.

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